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Mr Muffler

June 6th, 2006 · 1 Comment


I’m one of those consumers that notices good service. I have been bringing my car to Mr Muffler every spring and fall to change/rotate my winter rims with my summer BBS mags. Every single time — they have surprised me with the level of service vs. price.

This last time – 2 of my mags had been slowly losing air before I put them in storage for the winter. They promptly removed the tires from the mags – discovered an absurd amount of calcium along the inside edge (breaking the seal) – cleaned it all out and resealed the tires – and then put them on – bagged my winter rims and sent me on my way without ever needing an appointment. All for 40$.

Mr Muffler is at…


(514) 381-6961

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